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Flowers of Lesotho

My wife and I traveled to Lesotho in the summer of 2010 and worked with Sr. Juliana and the people of the St. Camillus Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children for 3 weeks. While there we spent time with the children making cut paper flowers to bring home to use as a fundraiser, and I made portraits of the children as well. After we returned we started the non-profit Flowers of Lesotho, and have used images of their cut paper flowers and their portraits to make note cards and buttons in the hopes of raising money to send back to Sr. Juliana and the people of St. Camillus. Please see below for images of the flowers and the children, and visit Flowers of Lesotho to make a donation and receive flower note cards or buttons. 100% of the profits benefit the children of St. Camillus.



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